mnemovore (mnemovore) wrote in latinguyz,

Miami, anyone?

first pictures! (tho if ya ask, ya might get some) i'm looking for folks who live in the miami area to hang out with. i'm here with my BF working for at least a month, possibly thru part of winter, and we know absolutely NO ONE in the area!
so, a bit about us...i'm 33, 5'7, 130 lbs, tattooed/pierced...he's 40, 5'8, about 140 lbs...we're pretty open minded, easy going guys, definitely with a liberal side. not necessarily looking for sex, tho neither of us would complain if that happened, lol! (yes, we have an open relationship of almost 9 years)
what're we looking for? just down to earth, no BS, easy going people to chill that at a bar/nightclub, the beach, or just hanging out, having a beer and watching movies. most importantly, tho, we don't do drama.
so, hopefully we'll hear back from someone in the area! we're both going a bit buggy sitting in the company apt all day! (we've already been here a month!)

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